Tyler Benziger

Static Waves

Feb 6 2013

I thought I’d write a quick post about what I used to create this blog.

  1. Jekyll: Static site generator
  2. Sass: CSS preprocessor
  3. Bourbon: Set of generic Sass mixins
  4. Neat: Set of grid-based Sass mixins (dependent on Bourbon)
  5. Fonts: Bebas Neue, Adobe Source Sans Pro, Adobe Source Code Pro

If you’re not using Github Pages and Jekyll yet, get cracking. There is nothing I love more than to write a post in markdown, deploy it with git, and have the whole thing hosted for free!

Sass just makes life better. There are far too many vendor prefixes to deal with these days. And Sass makes styling quick and painless.

Bourbon and Neat are my new favorite mixin library. The guys at Thoughtbot are always doing some great things, but this small, intuitive mixin and grid system just works.

The Adobe fonts have become my new favorite defaults. Bebas is just a great headings fault, similar to din. I’m in love.

Well that about wraps it up. The list is pretty short and I’m extremely happy with the results. Thanks for reading.