Tyler Benziger

Lain Lee 3 Design

Mar 27 2013

Recently I was looking for a designer to collaborate with on a project called Code Armory. I started looking for online resources to meet some talented designers. I discovered a site called CollabFinder and immediately realized I had discovered something of extraordinary value.

CollabFinder allows you to search for designers, developers, artists, writers, and scientists by physical location, skills, and interests. You can pitch them a project you’d like to “collaborate” on (collaboration in this context, means non-monetary help).

So I started looking for designers in the San Francisco area, found some really talented people, sent them a note about the project I needed help on, and within an hour I had my replies. I quickly started emailing back and forth with a designer named Lain Lee. He told me he needed some help coding his new design site, and asked if I’d be interested in trading services. We actually met at Starbucks down the road from my office that same day, and started talking about our ideas and life in general. We just clicked. Our interests and passions line up so well. It’s been a great partnership. Today, I’m happy to say we launched Lain’s new site. The site was put together with KirbyCMS, a few jQuery plugins, and some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease.

Quick word about Lain as a designer/illustrator: this guy is one heck of an artist. Since we’ve started working together I’ve started to follow his work, and honestly, every thing the guy creates is pure gold. Check out this timelapse of his mad illustration skills! The stuff he’s designed for Code Armory is absolutely perfect. Excellent illustration, web design, and it totally lines up with my vision for this new project. I’ll be sure to write more as I move further along with it.

Make sure you head over and check out his new site (http://lainlee3design.com). Check out his portfolio and see what you think. I’d highly recommend him for any of your design needs.