Tyler Benziger


My name is Tyler Benziger. I am a web developer, father, and musician.

I work remotely for Adobe on Adobe Spark. Previously, we were focused on validating and prototyping new ideas. The flexibility of my team has given me some amazing opportunities including working on projects like jQuery Mobile, ThemeRoller, and Muse.

I have an amazing family, including my beautiful wife Amy, my six-year-old son, Brody, and my five-year-old daughter, Grace.

I've been playing music for about 17 years. I dabble in a lot of different instruments but my true love is the electric guitar. I've played with some fellow musicians on a few different projects (mostly for fun), but my heart is in worship. I am apart of music ministry at a church called LifePoint in Oakdale, CA and it's something about which I'm extremely passionate.

This is my blog where you'll find my rantings usually surrounding these three topics.